There’s only ‘one’ nonagenarian!

Some of the Creative Chiropractic Team: Michael (Practice Director) and Deborah (Practice Coordinator) at the back with Linda (Practice Manager), Susan (Reflexologist), John and his wife Diana.

John catching a sneaky kiss from Susan and Deborah – Steady John!!

The black and white photograph shows John (aged 21) with his flying buddies in 1943 by the side of their Lancaster. John is the one standing in the middle.

At Creative Chiropractic we treat patients of all ages, from young babies to those who are retired (and well beyond!). In fact, as the Practice celebrates its 5th birthday it is interesting to note that 25% of our patients are, in fact, over the age of 69 years. HOWEVER, there is only one special person who we have the privilege of treating who has reached the dizzy height of 90 years of age!

John Arthurson was born at the beginning of October 1922 when King George V was on the throne and David Lloyd George was in the last days of serving the country as Prime Minister. A large loaf of white bread cost the equivalent of 1.2p, a pint of milk 1.4p, a dozen eggs 13.8p and a radio license would set you back ten shillings (50p).

When Britain and France declared war on 3rd September 1939, John was still only 16 years of age but during the next 5 years, he, like thousands of others, joined up and served in the forces. In John’s case it was in the RAF where he saw active service as part of bomber command. His role was as a navigator on the famous Avro Lancaster flying out of RAF Bourn in Cambridgeshire. John (known then to his friends as Joe) and his crew mates were part of 97 Squadron.

The black and white photograph shows John (aged 21) with his flying buddies in 1943 by the side of their Lancaster. John is the one standing in the middle.

John also became a member of an informal association known as ‘The Caterpillar Club’, who by definition, had successfully parachuted out of a disabled aircraft. This occurred on the night of 16th-17th December 1943 when the Lancaster crews found much of southern England clocked in a thick layer of fog meaning they couldn’t land. So, the only option was for John and his crew mates to bale-out over Ely, (their Lancaster crashed near Orford Ness).

After his ‘Ops’ he re-crewed and flew a ‘Wellington Bomber’ to North Africa for the Italian Campaign and a ‘Lee Light Wellington’ to India for spotting Japanese Submarines. The crew then converted to ‘Dakotas’ and dropped supplies to the 14th Army all the way to Rangoon in Burma and, after VJ Day, more interesting trips to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Borneo and the islands of Indonesia.

When you speak to John about it all, he is thoughtful and quiet as though reminiscing. He looks on his wartime experiences as a job, “it was just what you did and you just got on with it”, he says. John prefers not to talk of it all as he thinks often about the members of both crews and school pals lost.

After the war he finished his teacher training and spent 35 years in the profession, which included 8 years in Germany at the British Headquarters on the Rhine and ended his career as the Head of a Special School in King’s Lynn.

John now lives in Gunthorpe with his wife Diana and their two dogs. From all of us at Creative Chiropractic, we wish John a fabulous 90th birthday with all his family and friends.

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