A Circle of Care

Creative Chiropractic has built its philosophy of care around a patient-centred approach which enables our patients to seamlessly move between our Practitioners (Chiropractic, Reflexology & Physiotherapy and Sport Massage) within the Practice depending on the treatment they require. This principle is also broadened externally to encompass other health-care professionals who, amongst others, include the GP’s at ‘The Holt Medical Practice’ (http://www.holt-practice.nhs.uk/home,24585.htm).

Our working relationship with the Holt Medical Practice is two-way which benefits the patients but also reduces the GP’s waiting list for complaints that can be dealt with by Creative Chiropractic. Studies show that 30% of all GP consultations are related to musculoskeletal complaints (Department of Health, 2006. Musculoskeletal Services Framework) and 10 % of back pain patients take up 90% of the NHS healthcare costs (Clinical Standards Advisory Group 1994, Epidemiology Review: The epidemiology and cost of back pain. London, DH). For those of you who are not aware, the musculoskeletal system provides form, support, stability, and movement to the body which, when it goes wrong, can result in pain and disability to the spine as well as other joints and muscles.

The relationship between our two Practices has since been strengthened by a request, spearheaded by Dr Mondanna Irani and who runs a 3rd year UEA medical student training program, for our Chiropractors to provide neurological tuition to her students. This is the second year this education and observation opportunity has been carried out at Creative Chiropractic, the results of which have been extremely positive and beneficial. The students have been enthusiastic, constructive in their questioning of both practitioner and patients and passionate and will no doubt go far in their chosen professions. We wish them all the very best with their learning. From left to right, students Holly Jackson & Cynthia Funso-Fayomi, Dr Mondanna Irani (centre), students Prisca Chimkupete, Natasha Cascini and Sinead Brennan.

Dr Irani has commented by saying, “This is the second year that we have been lucky enough to send the UEA medical students to yourselves. Thank you to all. They thoroughly enjoyed the interactive learning/teaching they received with the team. It is a real privilege for them to get a glimpse into a different speciality”.

Like Creative Chiropractic, staff at the Holt Medical Practice also like to take part in raising money for local charities and institutions. We have previously raised funds to help support the Cromer Lifeboat and Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre but Dr Alison Brookes is really going for it by walking parts of the Great Wall of China in November to help raise £1000 for the ‘Holt Youth Project’
(http://www.holtyouthproject.org.uk/). We would urge you to check-out her donation page online at http://www.justgiving.com/Alison-Mawson0 and give what you can towards such a great local cause. There are also forms and collecting tins in the Holt and Blakeney surgeries. Good luck to Alison and hope she gets to her £1000 target.

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