It helps to be ‘Christy’ Clear!

Anyone who is acquainted with Holt will know that its various businesses are situated within or around the collection of small yards that filter off the main high street throughout the town. One such area is Chapel Yard, just off the entrance to the Albert Street car park. Tucked away within its eclectic mix of cobbled built cottages and modern style buildings you will find ‘Silver Leaf Interiors’, a small but professional and personal business run by Morag Christy, who is also a patient at Creative Chiropractic ( Morag has recently expanded her business into the newly constructed ‘Hoppers Yard’, (just around the corner from the Practice), where she opened ‘Absolutely Fabrics’. There you will find wonderful end-of-line designer fabrics to make your own bespoke curtains or blinds and naturally, matching poles to match. Morag also stocks the ‘little green’ paint range which if you have not used it before gives a truly fantastic and lasting finish.

On top of juggling two businesses, Morag applied and was successful in becoming a Volunteer at the Paralympics during the summer where she spent 10 days working at the Aquatic Centre. Although it involved incredibly long and exhausting days, she says that it was an unforgettable experience and one that will remain with her for a very long time. Her foremost memories being that of the emotional and tremendously supportive crowds, the comradeship and friendliness of all those involved with the whole event and of course, the inspiring, courageous and truly amazing athletes themselves.

Morag is now back training for her biggest love- skiing. Having had another skier ski into her last year, resulting in quite a serious injury to her knee, she now feels ready and recovered enough to plan her next trip and she is really looking forward to getting back on to the slopes!

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