Proving being in your 60’s is now the new 40’s!

The human body is an incredible feat of engineering and in all the years I have been a Chiropractor it still never ceases to amaze me and I learn something new about it every day!

Many of our patients put their bodies through some equally amazing feats.  Here, Wendy Millard tells us how she overcame injury to reach and achieve an ambitious goal.

Wendy Millard “Last year, I ran the ‘Seabank Marathon’ from Boston to Skegness. It’s said by many to be a Tough Guy marathon on account of the terrain ‘Running in Beezelbub’s Playground’, and a lot of people dropped out en route through injuries and exhaustion.  It is quite difficult to get across to anyone how much extra you need to prepare and how hard this route actually is.

I had successfully completed the race the previous year with no problems, but this time when I finished, I knew things weren’t right and it felt like I had an injury to my hip.

I wasn’t able to sit for more than a couple of minutes without having to get up and walk about to ease the pain, and I couldn’t bend, walk easily or run.

After visiting the Doctor, having x-rays and an MRI scan, I was no better, and my Doctor suggested that I should make an appointment at Creative Chiropractic to see Robert.

Following my initial consultation and first treatment I noticed an improvement and subsequently on each visit thereafter.  Things were really beginning to get a lot better particularly when Robert applied Rock Tape ( to various areas to help with my injuries.  He had explained the tape is engineered to mimic human skin, decrease inflammation and can be used to re-train muscles (it is designed to use alongside treatment by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists etc). From here, Robert and I worked together on a training schedule which enabled me to, once again, run the Seabank Marathon on the 23rd June 2013. I was thrilled!

I finished 84th out of 220, which I think is not bad for a lady of 63!  I would like to say “Thank you to Robert whose skill (and magic Rock Tape!) made all the difference and allowed me to achieve my goal.”

Congratulations to Wendy on a great achievement.

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