Runners go extra mile for royalty!

Queen Alexandra, marathon factGood luck to everyone running in this Sunday’s London Marathon! Staying with this theme, Michael’s latest blog for the East Anglian Game & Country Fair features a fascinating fact about how a Royal nursery impacted today’s marathon distance of 26.2miles…

“From 1896 until the 1908 London Olympics, marathons of approximately 25 miles were held. The length was originally intended however to be 26 miles but Queen Alexandra requested that this distance be extended so the end of the race would reach the East Lawn of Windsor Castle, so the royal children could watch the race from their nursery. By doing so, the distance of 26.2 miles became the international standard for all marathons from 1924!”

With marathon season now in full swing, we see many running injuries. Whether hips, knees or ankles, the types of injury are always the same so read: Mile to Marathon: everything you need to start running! for some top tips from Sportlink’s Neil Featherby on what you can you do to minimise injuries.

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