October news at Creative Chiropractic!

Linda took on the Great North Run for Make A Wish on 13th SeptemberLinda ran the Great North Run and raised £1400 for Make A Wish!

It was a very unexpectedly warm Sunday morning when Linda took on the notorious (and hilly!) half marathon in Newcastle in September…

Sporting her Make A Wish race vest, Linda beat the heat and took on the ‘never-ending’ uphill climbs to persevere through 13.1 miles from Jesmond to the coast in South Shields, picking up her hard earned Great North Run medal.

Click here to read Linda ran the Great North Run and raised £1400 for Make A Wish!

Creative sponsors Canine Agility Ability Finals!

East Anglia Agility Ability (www.agilityability.co.uk), organised by Melanie Wright, is an inclusive agility training club which welcomes all standards of dogs and trainers, with classes across the region. Throughout the year, the club organises numerous agility shows which attract high numbers of competitors at all levels, including some of our patients. Click here to read the full story.

Tips to swap a junk food diet for a clean dietCambridge University research found that enticing deals in supermarkets resulted in 35% unplanned and unhealthy purchases and 12% more calories than eight years ago.

DillDivide baskets to have a half for ‘healthy’ and half for other purchases. Cornell University says this increases nutritious purchases by 50%


Eat an apple before shopping to increase fruit and veg purchases by 25%

Go for the seasonal veg that will last in your fridge…

OreganoCarrots to slow cognitive decline + they’re antibacterial.
Pomegranates because they’r
e full of vitamins, they also aid blood flow in places such as the heart.
Sweet Potato as they’re high in fibre and recovery-boosting antioxidants.

Pheidippides was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon he ran the entire distance without stopping and burstinto the assembly, exclaiming “ne-nike-kamen”We Have Victory!Nike is the name of the goddess of Victory

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