The benefits of massage for runners…

Training for a Spring marathon or are you new to running and taking on a local Park Run? Whatever your running routine, having a regular massage should be key to your training plan..

In addition to our chiropractic treatments, we offer sports massage and pre and post-race treatments. Here’s Creative Chiropractic’s Senior Massage Therapist, Serena Clarke, with her top four ways massage can benefit runners:

  1. Massage for runners, Serena Clarke, Massage Therapist, Creative Chiropractic, NorfolkIncreases flexibility: when we move better, we run better.
  2. Speeds up healing: increased circulation and blood flow releases toxins such as lactic acid into the tissue.
  3. Reduces fatigue and muscle pain which prevents tissue damage.
  4. Relaxation: relax the mind, reduce stress and feel re-energised for your big race.

Preparing for Race Day

If you’re training for a long distance race or pushing your limits with bigger distances, consider booking in a massage a day or two after your long training runs when you’re more vulnerable to injuries.

A pre-race massage should be scheduled 3-5 days before the race and, likewise, a post-race massage scheduled 3-5 days after when muscles don’t feel sore to touch. As ever, in-between massages, drink lots of water, stretch and use your foam roller to really optimise your massages!

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