Creative’s Serena and Jess take on sore muscles for Big C at this year’s Run Norwich 10K!

Creative Chiropractic Massage Therapists, Serena and Jess will be volunteering their ‘healing hands’ for the Big C’s army of fundraising runners at this year’s Run Norwich 10K on Sunday 6th August…

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Mr Bownes with Creative Chiropractic Massage Therapists Serena (left) and Jess (right) ready to support Big C runners at Run Norwich 10K in August.

Over 260 runners are raising money for The Big C at this year’s race and our Serena and Jess will be on hand with RockTape to ease any aches, pains and niggles and set them on their way before the race.

Once racers have battled through 10K with 6,000 other racers in Norwich, a post-race massage will be just the tonic to help with recovery and get hard-working legs back in motion as quickly as possible.

Why is massage good for runners?

Having a regular massage should be key to your training plan. In addition to our chiropractic treatments, Creative Chiropractic offer sports massage and pre and post-race treatments from our Practice in the stunning location of Pensthorpe Natural Park. Here’s Serena’s top four ways massage can benefit runners:

  1. Race day treatments, Serena, massage, sports massage, runners, creative chiropracticIncreases flexibility: when we move better, we run better.
  2. Speeds up healing: increased circulation and blood flow releases toxins such as lactic acid into the tissue.
  3. Reduces fatigue and muscle pain which prevents tissue damage.
  4. Relaxation: relax the mind, reduce stress and feel re-energised for your big race.

Preparing for Run Norwich 10K?

Consider booking in a massage a day or two after your long training runs when you’re more vulnerable to injuries. A pre-race massage should be scheduled 3-5 days before the race and, likewise, a comprehensive post-race massage scheduled 3-5 days after when muscles don’t feel sore to touch. As ever, in-between massages, drink lots of water, stretch and use your foam roller to really optimise your massages!

Click here for the Creative Chiropractic Massage Menu, call 01328 854325 or email to book in.

Good Luck!

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