Meet the Daily Mail award winning illustrator who brought Mr. Bownes to life!

From the drawing board to annual Creative calendar superstar, we chat to Mr Bownes creator, Andy Ward ( about drawing, deadlines and designing for the Daily Mail…

“Yesterday I drew an illustration for the cover of The Daily mail for a piece on the rise of Centenarians for their Good Health section.”

Daily Mail, andy ward, illustrator“I drew a colourful happy, dancing, silver-haired lady partying with her friends in a pair of pink spotted glasses in the shape of the number 100. This woman (left) was my Nan, who would have also been 100 this year had she just managed a couple more years. Super positive, I never heard her grumble once and the perfect reference for that illustration.”

“I often reference people I know and meet in the illustrations I do for the newspapers and magazines as my life experience is where my ideas are drawn from. I observe and file away character traits that are pulled into my work on demand. Commissioning deadlines for the daily papers can be as little as 45 minutes and there is often no time to reference, just speed draw from memory. The pressure is great as editors often change their minds as the clock ticks and the art desk will often change the size and format of an illustration when in progress as they lay out a page, so flexibility and a well-stocked memory bank of ideas and references is essential. There is nothing like a blank page, a 45-minute deadline and a slot in a national newspaper to focus the mind. Ideas have to come.”

“So much like a writer may store to memory experiences for future use, illustrators store visual experiences for future use in their work. Life is work, work is life. The flip side of this is never switching off, always being in work when busy and all of this time is spent hunched over a drawing tablet. Needless to say, my back has taken years of abuse and this is where I make my point. Mr Bownes, the character I created for Creative Chiropractic is referencing myself. My life experience of suffering a bad back as a result of my work offered first hand reference for Mr Bownes. Over the years Mr Bownes has developed from a character in a medical chart, through to this year’s 2018 calendar which sees him travel the world taking extreme selfies with photo-bombing animals. Happiness and health are one and the same. Hats off to Michael and the team at Creative Chiropractic, thanks for keeping me happy and healthy at the drawing board!”

New 2018 calendar out now!

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Mini Bownes, Mr Bownes calendar

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