Could you be 10 years younger?

A recent BBC programme How To Stay Young explored the latest research that could help put the brakes on the ageing process with guests invited to discover if their lifestyle had an impact on their ‘body age’ compared to birth age. Evidence suggested that making small changes can indeed slow down ageing and decrease fatigue, illness, disease and injury, but how? Read on to find out…

Ten years younger, Body Composition Monitor, creative chiropractic, health guide, weight loss, healthy, new year, fakenham, north norfolk, norfolkThis time of year, don’t be surprised to see inevitable ‘New Year New You’ adverts for gym memberships, weight loss clubs and diet plans. And all following multiple campaigns last month telling us to indulge and enjoy that extra mince pie!

The opposite and impersonal messages are confusing at best, so it’s no wonder if your well-intentioned healthy New Year’s resolutions lose their way. At the Practice, our approach is all about enabling you to take back control with real-time, individualised information & easy to apply practical advice as well as help to easily monitor your progress. With this in mind, we are introducing a new Personal 30 minute Health Guide as part of our improved offering of services to you.

Mark Wright, Crayford and Abbs, Creative Chiropractic, Patient, chiropractor, Body Composition Monitor, BCM, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, healthcare, Pensthorpe Natural Park

Mark Wright lost 13lbs in just six weeks with the new Personal Health Guide service at Creative Chiropractic…

And it works!

Meet Mark Wright, After Sales Manager at local Nissan dealer Crayford and Abbs. He visited the Practice six weeks ago with a back issue and was feeling lethargic and mentally “not myself”. He was advised to use our new Body Composition Monitor (BCM) to measure not just weight, but 12 other components, including Metabollic Age, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass and Muscle Mass and Blood Pressure. Using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, a Patient receives an immediate and accurate overview of these indicators plus water and fat percentage in their body, giving personalised insights on current health status. Together with a food diary, our Practitioner identified possible improvements which Mark rigidly stuck to and fast forward to today and the results are better than expected with a weight loss of 13lbs! He says, “When I first came in, I felt mentally low and always tired. With encouragement from the Practice, I now feel healthier, more energetic and I’m bouncing up the stairs with more get up and go than before!” And Mark’s not the only one to notice: “My colleagues have commented on not only the weight loss and the fact that I can fit into my work coat again for the first time in 18 months but also the increase in my motivation and energy..’!”

Other Creative Chiropractic Patients have noticed health improvements from taking the test, so what’s the secret to their success? Mark says, “having all the information fully explained to me by the Practitioner was really good and a key turning point as it trained my brain to think about my lifestyle differently and gave me the confidence to embrace the advice. I now understand the reasons for my cravings and how to handle them in my daily life.

* Latest update! * As of January 27th, Patient Mark Wright has taken off eight years from his metabolic age! Well done, Mark!

Want to try it?

The Practice’s new and unique 30-minute Health Guide service is available for just £15 during an introductory period over the next 4 weeks (normally £35), so let us help you to achieve your goals for a younger and healthier you in 2018! If you would like to take advantage of this offer and save £20, you can book an appointment by calling 01328 854325 or emailing: (Offer available until Saturday 10th February, 2018.)

Wishing you a Healthy New Year!


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