Life in the fast lane with Chris Cockrell!

A former soldier and specialist in personal security, Creative Chiropractic Patient Chris Cockrell is an award-winning professional chauffeur at his company, Near and Far ( based in Fakenham. Mr Bownes caught up with high-flying Chris to talk about his career and how driving in excess of 80,000 miles a year doesn’t just take its toll on your vehicle…

Chris Cockrell, Near and Far, Chauffeur service, Fakenham, NorfolkAfter spending 20 years working in the Chauffeuring & close protection industry and looking after everybody from Royalty to the everyday person, Chris decided to set up Near and Far in 2013, a bespoke Chauffeur service.

With jobs varying between taking care of VIP’s and Celebrities and bringing Patients to the Practice at Pensthorpe, Chris caters for every customer and any occasion from dinner engagements, weddings to airport trips, with a keen focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Chris Cockrell, Near and Far, Chauffeur, Fakenham, NorfolkHis hard work has paid off after achieving two National Chauffeur Awards (Company of the Year and Best Small Chauffeur Business) for two years in a row!

Chris was also shortlisted for 3 years in a row for National Professional Driver of the Year as well as winning the Exceptional Customer Service Award at the EDP Norfolk & Suffolk Wedding Awards.

Chris was also featured on BBC Look East’s short documentary: ‘Life and times of a Chauffeur’ which you can watch by clicking here.

So how challenging is it to balance a healthy lifestyle with spending so much time on the road?

Chris drives over 80,000 miles per year and he admits it takes its toll. “Even though I drive the most up-to-date and modern vehicles, lack of exercise is the main hazard and by-product of my job. Without my visits to Creative Chiropractic, I would be in a real state and not be able function effectively.” Chris sees Practitioners, Michael (Chiropractor), Serena (Senior Massage Therapist) and Rachael (Rehabilitation Specialist) and they “keep me going!”

Driving Pains? Read on for our Practitioners' top tips to keep you mobile

Top tips to keep YOU mobile while driving…

If, like Chris, you spend hours a day driving, whether commuting to and from work, or ferrying the children around, then take a look at our Practitioners’ advice for maintaining your posture and minimising many common drivers’ ailments:

Michael I'Anson, Creative Chiropractic, chiropractor, fakenham, norfolk, chiropracticBecause driving can create significant stress to the neck and back, Chiropractor, Michael’s top tip is to tilt the rear view mirror. “Ensure you are in a good driving position and not too close or far away from the steering wheel.

The back of the seat should be tilted no more than 10º away from you with your elbows in a comfortable position to the side of the body. Now, tilt the rear view mirror up a notch so that if you inadvertently drop into a slouch, the mirror will reinforce the need to ‘sit-up straight.”

Away from the car? Click for a simple neck stretch you can do at home.

Serena Clarke, Senior Massage Therapist, Creative Chiropractic, Norfolk, FakenhamAnother common cause of back pain from driving is highlighted by our Senior Massage Therapist, Serena: “A phone or wallet in your back pocket continuously while driving can cause the pelvis to twist and misalign your spine over time. This can make back pain much worse, so my top tip is to take anything bulky out of your back pockets while you’re driving!”

Away from the car? Here’s Serena herself demonstrating a fantastic stretch for your glutes.

Rachael Kernow, Rehabilitation Specialist, Creative Chiropractic, Fakenham, NorfolkHow you hold the steering wheel is also important according to Rehabilitation Specialist, Rachael: “It’s all about the Right Angle! Instead of holding the steering wheel at the very top or right/ left side with one hand always have two hands on the wheel for safety and also to balance tension stress distribution through the musculoskeletal system. Keep elbows at right angles whenever possible and wrists straight.”

Away from the car? Click for a great shoulder stretch you can do.

(Safety is always the first priority, so please be aware to never make an adjustment that would hinder your view of the road or your mirrors.)

Pain driving you round the bend?

Mr Bownes, Creative Chiropractic, pain assessment, free appointment, chiropractor, Fakenham, Norfolk, Pensthorpe, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headachesIf you have any niggling pains that might be caused by driving or any other aspect of your lifestyle, don’t forget you can take advantage of Creative Chiropractic’s Free 30 minute Pain Assessment appointment where a Practitioner can talk through your symptoms with you and any suggested treatment to get you back on track. If you or someone you know would find this useful, please get in touch with us on 01328 854325.

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