Focus on the i in healthier!

Look out the window and the likelihood is you will be met by the sight of nature’s new life, growth and development. Spring has definitely sprung and as we enjoy the longer days and the outdoors becomes more of an attractive option, our bodies and minds seek to be more active. Time for rejuvenation!

Creative Chiropractic, Summer Health Plan, watermelom, summer, healthyIsn’t Rejuvenation a fantastic word? Defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “the action or process of making someone or something look or feel better, younger or more vital.” As we slough off winter, many of us will be wanting to achieve at least one of these goals. It’s all about that balance of leading full and complex lives, often not making time for ourselves or simply not knowing where to start…

If you need a helping hand to brush off those cobwebs, to take a breath and make time for yourself and to feel energised, then we are on hand and offering the option of 3 special Summer Health Plans to boost your body and well-being…

SUMMER HEALTH PLANS, INTRO 30 min Health Guide £35, PLUS 30 min Health Guide, 60 min Active Lifestyle Session £65 (SAVE £20), COMPLETE 30 min Health Guide , 4 x 60 min Active Lifestyle Sessions 30 min Progress Review £195 (SAVE £75)A choice of 3 plans (right) allows you to choose what best suits you and if you opt for the bespoke 1-2-1 Active Lifestlye Sessions from one of our fully qualified Practitioners, you will be amongst the peaceful surroundings of Pensthorpe Natural Park too! These plans enable you to establish personal goals and time will be taken to talk about what you would like to achieve and how this can be made attainable.

Your starting point is our popular 30-minute Health Guide.

You’ll receive an immediate overview, providing insights including measurements of your Blood Pressure, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, Body Fat, Muscle Mass and Metabolic Age to name a few. These important health indicators provide you with a starting block and an instant motivation tool which can be reviewed later on to measure your success once you have reached your goals.

Creative Chiropractic, Summer Health Plan, Health Guide, Rachael Curnow, Sophie Allsopp, Sophie & Boo

Rachael Curnow (right), Rehabilitation Specialist at Creative Chiropractic, putting Sophie Allsopp through her paces!

Sophie Allsopp (left), a busy Mum who is also the Founder and Director of her own business, Sophie & Boo, has taken part in our new Health Plan: “After the initial 30-minute Health Guide, I understood so much more about my body and what I needed to focus on and how I could make the changes. The support and guidance has been so brilliant as it was, and still is, all about what is right for me and how I can make it work, given my daily and weekly schedule.”

Once the initial 30 minute Health Guide has been completed, you have the opportunity to begin Active Lifestyle Sessions at the Practice, tailored to suit you and enable you to move one step forward at a time (or even two!), with the team on hand for encouragement and support.

“Taking part in a Health Plan Programme at Creative Chiropractic has enabled me to make those first (and, to be honest, somewhat nervous) important steps.” Like Sophie, many patients at the Practice initially arrive with their own concerns, restrictions and lack of confidence, but with the team’s support, guidance and encouragement, they have gone on to feel and experience very noticeable benefits including weight loss, a dramatic increase in energy levels, sleep improvement, a belief that they can make a change and an overall sense of wellbeing. As another patient explained “I used to turn up so miserable, but now my Va Va Voom is back and I genuinely feel so happy”.

After some initial nerves, Sophie has noticed improvements already. “I now look forward to my sessions at the Practice and I’m much less nervous about the activities and bespoke exercises. Having time to focus on myself has been pretty revolutionary actually and I feel different both mentally and physically. I have definitely felt a big change and can do so much more. I now have confidence in my body’s capabilities and I am able to believe the goals I have are attainable.” So give yourself that ‘me’ time you deserve and focus on the I in healthier!

As C.S. Lewis said, “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.” Many people who believed they couldn’t, have, and now it’s your turn! So, get your paddle, brace yourself, breathe, smile and get paddling your own canoe!

Want to try it?

The new Summer Health Plans are available to book now. If you want to let us help to achieve your goals for a younger and healthier you, call 01328 854325 or email: to book your appointment!

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