Click, Crack, Pop….

Chiropractors use a technique called Spinal Manipulative Therapy which is where a quick and short thrust is applied to a joint.

What is that sound?

The technical term for the sound heard during a Chiropractic adjustment is a ‘cavitation’. This is caused by small pockets of air in the fluid that surrounds your joints. When the joint tissues are stretched during an adjustment, the pockets of air “pop” which creates the cracking sound you can sometimes hear (not your bones cracking!).

Is clicking your own neck and back effective/safe?

Is it safe to do?

Safety is the first thing we need to address. One to three patients out of every 100 presenting with a new back or neck complaint will have a serious underlying cause, i.e a fracture, tumour, stroke, cancer etc…

When seeing a Chiropractor, the initial consultation involves an in-depth assessment. They will use their full knowledge of a 5-year Masters degree (plus annual on-going training to ensure professionalism is maintained) to help assess patients and rule out any serious underlying causes of specific pain. They will devise a plan of management to relieve the pain and reduce the chances of it returning. On occasions they may refer out to another specialist for further investigation.

Is it effective?

Self-adjusting may provide you with short term relief but in the longer term it can actually make your problem worse.

The damage can be done when you make your neck crack by pulling or twisting on your head with your hands. The reason? You might have a disc that is dislocated and your motions would actually be pulling it in the wrong direction, or are even wrenching on other vertebrae instead of the one that actually needs work.

The more you force any joint beyond its natural range of motion, the more you stretch the attached ligaments. When ligaments are repeatedly stretched they can stay that way. This can lead to joint instability and a constant battle with misalignments.

The only thing worse than cracking your own neck? Getting an untrained person to do it for you. Seriously. Don’t do this! Doing your own self adjustment is bad enough, but at least you are not likely to force yourself past the point of discomfort. When an untrained person does it they can easily go too far, putting you at serious risk of major injury and even worse.

Like welding and dentistry, some things are better left to the professionals. At Creative Chiropractic our Chiropractors are  highly skilled at using precise and gentle adjustments on your joints to ensure the best alignment and treatment outcome.

So, how can we help you…

If you would like to take the opportunity to have a chat with one of our highly qualified health professionals, but feel you do not want to commit to anything definitive as far as treatment is concerned, then why not utilise our FREE 30-minute Pain Assessment. If you suffer from neck, shoulder back, hip or knee pain or sports injuries, click here to get your voucher for a FREE 30 Minute Pain Assessment or contact the Practice on 01328 854325.

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