Patient Experiences

Patient Experiences

At Creative Chiropractic we treat hundreds of patients each year from all walks of life, of all ages, and for a whole range of reasons, but often it comes down to one thing – quality of life. Whether you lead an active lifestyle and enjoy your sport, have a job that relies entirely on you being physically fit, or you simply want to lead your life without continuing discomfort, Creative Chiropractic is on hand to help.

Here we introduce a handful of our patients who have kindly taken the time to share their experiences at Creative Chiropractic in a short video. We hope it helps you to understand that, above all, we are a friendly and welcoming Practice, with a great deal of experience. We understand your fears and apprehensions, so we take our time to understand what you are facing and make sure to explain how we are able help.

Creative Chiropractic has a patient centred approach, which includes in-house Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, Exercise Fitness, Running Assessments and Reflexology and many of our patients benefit from a combination of treatments to return them to physical health and maintain an ongoing programme of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Please, take the time to listen to what some of patients have to say, and get in touch with us if you have any questions or some feedback of your own you would like to share with us.

Sandie Randall

Company Director

“I think it is something that I will continue for the rest of my life”

Sandie Randall, a Company Director, explains why, once you have experienced Creative Chiropractic, you will continue to go back and why you shouldn’t have to continue to live with pain and discomfort.

Simon Neal

Game Keeper

“When you’ve got a bad back, £30 in’t nout”

Simon Neal, a Game Keeper, explains that whilst there is a cost to the services Creative Chiropractic provides, you cannot put a price on good health and a pain free start to the day.

Richard Bullock


“I’ve never had a course of treatment that has been so effective”

Richard Bullock, a Pilot, tells of his apprehension prior to receiving treatment at Creative Chiropractic, but also how he has found it to work very quickly in his case.

Peter Hudson

Bee Keeper

“I need it or I wouldn’t be able to work”

Peter Hudson, a Beekeeper, explains how Creative Chiropractic’s patient-centred approach means that he is able to receive complementing treatments from a variety of practitioners to enable him to work.

Paul Reed


“I met Michael and wonderful things have happened ever since”

Paul Reed, a Butcher, suffered for a number of years due to the physical nature of his work and the heavy carrying involved as part of his job. He now enjoys a much more comfortable life.

Matt Doughty


“When the treatment is done there is no pain at all”

Matt Doughty, a Golfer, tells of how the smallest of accidents affected his back, but how Creative Chiropractic’s treatment helped him to a pain free, active lifestyle.

Margaret Williamson

Accounts Manager

“I do come every month for a little bit of ‘clunk clink”

Margaret Williamson, an Accounts Manager, explains how much better she felt after treatment at Creative Chiropractic, and how she keeps a regular appointment to maintain her physical health.

Lucy Tann


“It’s like someone’s house…it’s not clinical at all”

Lucy Tann, a Nurse, experienced Chiropractic for the first time a little over 3 years ago. She explains how the Practice has a warm and friendly environment and does not feel like a clinic.

Jonty Ward

School Rugby Player

“Michael and I sat down and had a chat in order to get to know one another first.”

Jonty Ward, a School Rugby Player, explains how Michael at Creative Chiropractic approaches his treatment of patients, putting Jonty at ease and working towards a solution.

John Arthurson


“A very friendly Practice, no doubt about that”

John, a Retiree, tells of how friendly the practice is and how treatment at Creative Chiropractic helped to treat an injury which means he can now continue to lead a good quality of life.

Diana Arthurson

Dog Agility Enthusiast

“If it wasn’t for Michael and Sue, I wouldn’t be able to walk properly”

Diana, a Dog Agility Enthusiast, speaks of how much of a difference Creative Chiropractic’s Michael and Sue have made to her quality of life and how much the friendship of the Practice means to her.

Claire Hill

Tennis Player

“Someone suggested a Chiropractor and I went and saw them”

Claire Hill, a Tennis Player, tells her story of an injury she incurred at a young age. A combination of treatments from Practitioners at Creative Chiropractic means Claire can still play tennis to this day.

Claire Reeve

Business Owner

“If you have any fears or worries, you can always put that across”

Claire Reeve, a Business Owner, explains how the whole Practice, from Receptionist to Chiropractor, always have time to listen to you and explain what is going to happen every step of the way.

Charlotte Walker

Horse Rider

“I was expecting it to be painful”

Charlotte Walker, a Horse Rider, tells of how she injured her neck in a fall from her horse. She explains how her she was pleasantly surprised by her experience at the Practice, contrary to her expectations.

Andy Webster


“I could hardly walk”

Andy Webster, a Fisherman, was in a great deal of pain. Treatment from Michael and the team at Creative Chiropractic was quick to relieve his discomfort and return Andy back to work.

Adrian Hill

Gallery Owner

“The pain relief is incredible”

Adrian Hill, Gallery Owner based in Holt explains how the treatment he received from Creative Chiropractic was almost instant in taking away the pain he was suffering from.

John Arthurson


“Take advantage of the free session”

John Arthurson, explains how the free session enabled him and Michael to understand the discomfort he was suffering and how best to treat it.

Richard Bullock


“I’ve learnt how to look after my back”

Richard Bullock, explains how he suffered from a skiing accident and how Michael and the team not only treated his back from that injury but also explained how to maintain a healthy back to prevent further problems.

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