Our Approach

A different approach

Creative Chiropractic is a pro-active centre of excellence. Support, guidance and active rehabilitation form our core principles enabling patients to understand the root cause of their complaint and hence reduce the likelihood of recurrence. With corrective advice, people build a healthy understanding of their capabilities, enabling them to carry out day-to-day activities with reduced pain. Through Chiropractic management and individually-designed treatment plans, patients experience great relief from a huge array of painful conditions. Creative Chiropractic has a ‘Patient Centred’ approach, which includes in-house Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Exercise Fitness and Reflexology. We enjoy a healthy working relationship with our local General Practitioner Surgeries as well as other Health Professionals. From treatment of our youngest patient at only 3 days, to the oldest (so far!), a 90-year-old veteran of the Battle of Britain, the staff at Creative Chiropractic offer the very best in patient care in an air of comfort, reassurance and friendliness.

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